Museum Embankment Festival 2016

The Museum Embankment Festival is one of the biggest cultural events in Europe. It offers to its visitors reduced admission to participating museums besides live music, art stalls, shows, food and fireworks.

Museum Embankment festival Museumsuferfest

Photo credit: Tourismus+Congress GmbH Frankfurt am Main

The Museum Embankment Festival (Museumsufer) is a three days event occurring annually to celebrate and promote the art and culture in Germany.

The venue of the festival is in the Museum Embankment at the south bank of River Main, where many of the best museums of Frankfurt are located. Every year, the festival focuses on a specific theme. It can be a country or an art style such as the Modern Art.

The program includes late-night museum openings, artistic shows, street performances, special tours and workshops and cultural presentations of German and European institutions. We can’t forget to mention the musical concerts, entertainment activities, the diversified craft stands and markets, the numerous food stalls and the musical firework show at Sunday night.

Museum Embankment festival Museumsuferfest

Photo credit: Tourismus+Congress GmbH Frankfurt am Main

If you plan to attend the festival, you can’t miss visiting one of the participating museums lined on the bank of the Main river such as: The German Museum of Architecture, the museum of World Cultures, the museum of Applied Art, the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Modern Art.