Museumsquartier Vienna

Museumsquartier Vienna (MQ) is a large district containing museums. It’s an exciting cultural complex in Vienna and the eighth largest cultural district in the world.

Museumsquartier Vienna

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The Museumsquartier Vienna collects more than 70 rich cultural monuments in an area of over 60,000 square meters. The colorful combination of art venues and great historical monuments gives this place an irresistible appeal.

Don’t miss the big number of artwork in the popular Leopold museum dedicated to the couple Rudolf and Elisabeth which were both art fonds and collected more than 5000 Austrian art pieces from all the world. Or the dazzling collection of the 20th and the 21th centuries art in the Museum of Modern Art Mumok. However you should visit the whole district as there are many hidden art galleries packed with treasures.

The Museumsquartier is all about culture and fun. You will find a large number of cozy cafes and outdoor restaurants to enjoy your time. Each summer, the crowded square celebrates a wide range of cultural events. You won’t get enough from concerts, themed festivals, movie screening, group competitions and street performances.

Traveling with kids? Take them to the DSCHUNGEL WIEN Theater for Young Audiences, ZOOM Kindermuseum and the wienXtra-kinderinfo to spend a pleasing and instructive family day.