Olympic Park

The Olympiapark or Olympic Park in Munich is an enormous park where many activities and events take place all around the year.



The Olympiapark is considered as one of the most important hotspots in Germany. The park attracts a large number of people each year. In 2014 for example, there were 4,2 million visitors. They come to attend 323 events and enjoy more than 1,8 million the recreational facilities.

Actually, all important events are held within the park: Major sports events like swimming and football tournaments, concerts of different music types, fairs and exhibitions, congresses and talks.

By being there, you will feel excited and you’ll be surrounded by the greenness of the park, the beauty of the lake, and the amazing touristic attractions.

The Olympic area contains the Olympic Stadium, The Olympic Hall, The Small Olympic Hall, The Olympic Swim Hall, The Olympic Ice Rink, and many other sport facilities.

All kind of activities can be done within this great park: jogging, cycling, running, sitting, swimming or just admiring the picturesque views and the lovely atmosphere.