Open garden squares weekend

The Open Garden Squares weekend is a special opportunity for nature lovers to enjoy the beauty of the gardens in London, many of which are kept private and hidden otherwise.

For promoting and protecting the green open spaces in London, the London Parks & Gardens Trust (LPGT) organizes annually since 1998 Open garden squares weekend event.

On that weekend, around 200 gardens participate in this event, arranging different activities and things to do and see. Many of these gardens are usually kept private and hidden from the public, save for this wonderful occasion. Gardens that are part of this event range from historical to modern, small to spacious, and classic to distinguishable. 

Dispersed in several squares of London, the selected gardens for the event are always ones of the most fabulous and attractive.

By attending the event, you will not only stroll in magic gardens, but you can be a part of many activities that will make make your weekend more unique and enjoying.

  • Guided tours: There are guided tours and walks, where the guide will explain several things related to plants, flowers types, and history…
  • Family activities
  • Stands of sweets and foods: Enjoy tasty homemade snacks and drinks, they’ll be very delicious and natural.
  • Poetry: You’ll have the opportunity this year as well to meet poets and see how the nature inspires them.
  • Plant sales: there will be many sellers offering different types of plants, trees, and flowers. Even rare races of plants will be available.
  • Live music: You will also enjoy all kinds of music; classic, jazz, pop, rock…
  • Guided bike tours: Cycling around a charming garden would be special activity to do. Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in guided rides or hire a bicycle.

The gardens included for this year’s event are varied and amazing, and they’re spread in different regions of London. Here is the full list of the included garden of this year.

Note: The ticket will let you have access to many gardens, but please note that some of the gardens will require special tickets and you’ll need to book in advance for them.