The Palace of Westminster – The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben

The Palace of Westminster or better known as the Houses of Parliament is one of the most famous attractions in the world.

The Palace of Westminster - the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben

The Palace of Westminster is situated in the city of westminster in central London with a beautiful view on the famous Thames river.

The building stood on the riverside proudly since 1099 until the great fire of London. After the fire, it was rebuilt by great architect Charles Barry to give the fantastic building of today. The palace contains more than 1100 rooms, 200 riverside terrace and 11 courtyards.

It’s mostly celebrated for the Westminster hall, one of the most beautiful and oldest part of the building but specially fro the the clock tower Big Ben.

The big Ben is an iconic landmark of London, splendid day or night when its illuminated.  

The palace boasts fascinating art exhibitions. Although it was designed to be a residence for parliaments, no one lived in it. All along the building, you can admire murals, paintings and status of national figures and politicians. A collection of valuable paintings of Daniel Maclise decorates the halls. In fact, the opulent furniture is itself a piece of art.


Taking photographs and filming is only allowed in Westminster Hall, St Stephen’s Hall and in the visitor area of New Palace Yard.