The Pantheon Paris

Pantheon Paris is a majestic neoclassical church with a scenic view on major Paris attractions.

Pantheon Paris

The Pantheon Paris is a 150 years old mausoleum in the Latin Quarter in Paris. It’s known as the burial place of famous figures that contributed in France development including Victor Hugo, Rousseau, Voltaire, Marie Curie…

The pantheon was erected under orders of King Louis XV dedicated to St. Genevieve, as a promise of replacing the damaged Sainte-Genevieve church if he regained his health. The monument is renowned for its Greek-Cross plan and grand portico of Corinthian columns.

The building also has an enlightening past. The dome was used in 1851 by the scientist Léon Foucault to demonstrate the earth’s axial rotation. The instruction on the entrance “For great men the grateful Nation” honors persons that influenced the French history.

The Pantheon’s facade is stunning, similar to the Pantheon in Rome. As you enter you will be fascinated by numerous frescoes telling scenes from St. Geneviève’s life.

Standing on a height of about 83 meters, it’s a perfect spot to overlook a large number of historic sites in Paris.