Park Guell

Park Guell is one of the most beautiful parks in Europe, a masterpiece of the talented Antanio Gaudi.

Park Guell Barcelona

The park Guell was initially designed to be a garden city with special buildings. The project started in 1890 under orders of industrialist Eusebi Guell however only two buildings were finished and the construction stopped for financial difficulties.

In 1984, the park was renowned as a UNESCO world heritage site. The main entrance is the most popular part of the park. It depicts a friendly dragon decorated with colorful mosaic.

On the stair side, you find an undulating bench covered with mosaic. As you walk down the stairs, you will be surprised by a forest of 86 columns inspired in the Doric order and designed to be the marketplace of the city. The rustic stone wall surrounding the park is decorated with ceramics and medallions with its name.

The palm shaped gates from Casa Vicens add a magical beauty of the park. In the center of the monumental area, there is the nature square which was in original plans a greek theater. On the eastern side of the square, there is an original organic architecture, a route that passes through a pine grove. The Austrian gardens is a green zone with awesome views on the rest of Guell park.