Petersfriedhof Salzburg (St. Peter’s Cemetery)

The Petersfriedhof or St. Peter's Cemetery is a glamorous cemetery, a historic chapel and a burial site of nobility.

Petersfriedhof Salzburg

Petersfriedhof Salzburg is mostly visited to see where the actors of the famous movie “Sound of the music” hid during their escape from the nazis in the film.

The cemetery definitely worth a visit itself. It’s the oldest cemetery of the city dating back to 1627. It’s where buried the ancient wealthy families and famous figures of Salzburg, among them, Mozart’s sister. You can also see the graves of Santino Solari, the architect of the cathedral and Michael, Joseph Haydn’s younger brother.

The graves are beautifully decorated by Locals of Salzburg with fir branches, magnificent candles and splendid flowers. Colorful Pansies flowers are very used because they have an irresistible charm and their name expresses thoughts.

Discover other main highlights of Petersfriedhof such as the two magnificent historic chapels, the 15th-century St. Margaret’s Chapel and the Romanesque Chapel of the Holy Cross as well as the early Christian tombs carved in the rock face.