Portrait of a Nation – Abu Dhabi festival

Abu Dhabi festival celebrates art, love of hometown and the glory of land, through the ‘Portrait of a Nation’

‘Portrait of a Nation’ will gather the work of the UAE’s most accomplished artists in the gallery of Emirates palace.

The exhibition theme is the Emirati identity, heritage and culture. Each artist showcase the nation from his perspective. While some show modern architecture, the effect of globalization and technology and the impressive UAE progress, others focus on the charming Emirati heritage or natural scenery.

The venue is divided in seven areas by theme: Nation & Unity, Geography & Nature, Architecture & Urbanism, Portraiture & Identity, Religion & Spirituality, Language & Calligraphy, and Tradition & Heritage.

The exhibition presents 20 commissioned artworks and 30 loaned works. It features a variety of masterpieces from sculptures, photographs and paintings to drawings, videos and installations.
Expect high scale exhibitions, talented practitioners and inspirational creativity.
Guided tours are available every Tuesday at 6pm and every Saturday at 3pm