Puerta del sol

Puerta del sol is the central square in Madrid and a location for many historic site. This square is idyllic to start your journey in the Spanish capital.

Puerta del sol

Photo credit: en.wikipedia.org

Puerta del sol contains the 0km plaque which indicates the start of all highways from the city center. It was erected in 19th century and still shows magnificent buildings of the era.

We can mention one of Madrid identifying monuments: The 20 ton bear and tree statue known as ‘El Oso y El Madroño’, the animal symbolizes the fertility of the city called once the land of bears while the strawberry tree represents the aristocracy. Another highlight of Puerta del sol is the statue of king Carlos III standing on a charming red brick building called Casa de Correos. It’s a splendid 18th century design of popular French architect Jacques Market.

The clock tower with its famous bells ringing to announce a new year was added in 1866. Besides to statues and historic attractions, Puerta Del Sol boasts luxurious hotels, coffee shops and restaurants.