Rathaus (Vienna City Hall)

Rathaus is Vienna city hall constructed in the 18th century. The building has a Neo-Gothic style and considered a popular tourist attraction in Vienna.

Rathaus - Vienna City Hall

The construction of the Rathaus lasted from 1872 to 1883 under the direction of Friedrich Schmidt, one of Austria’s greatest architects. The new gothic building is amazingly decorated with natural stones. It’s similar to a majestic gothic cathedral with its 300 feet tall tower topped by the statue of Rathausmann and surrounded by four smaller towers.

Visitor are impressed by the thousands incredible rooms and the historic Wiener Rathauskeller restaurant serving traditional dishes.

The ballroom is decorated by plants and stunning furniture. It’s where many important events take place like the opening of Vienna festival and the Life Ball.

The square facing Vienna city hall, called Rathausplatz, is very popular. It’s one of the preferred places to relax and enjoy a good time.

Be part of the fun events frequently organized in this square: Movie screening, concerts and open air operas, Vienna film festivals, Christmas Market.  During events, the square bustle with tourists, food stalls, street performers and the energetic atmosphere.