Royal Air force museum London (RAF museum)

Royal Air force museum or the RAF Museum is Britain's National Museum of Aviation. The museum is allocated to the aviation history and the science of flight.

Royal Air force museum London

Photo credit: Dario Sušanj/Flickr 

Enjoy a fantastic fun day with family and friends in one of the greatest aviation museums in the world.

The Royal Air force museum tells the story of aviation before the Wright Brothers and the history of Britain air force. You can interact with developed aviation instruments, experience the role of a pilot and take an idea about famous figures in the aviation past.

At the RAF museum, you’re welcome to see five themed exhibitions containing over 100 aircrafts and admirable collections of helicopters, bombers, water landing planes… The museum also focuses on the first courageous aviators, war heroes and everyone’s who put their efforts to develop the aviation technology.

The Royal air force museum presents celebrate air flights with a range of documentaries, photographs, films, artworks… There are also fun learning activities and experiments for children in the aeronauts interactive center.