Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Royal Botanic Gardens Kew is a world-known botanic garden, education center and research institution spread over 150 hectares.

Royal Botanic Gardens Kew

Photo credit: Karen Roe/Flickr

The Royal Botanic Gardens Kew is a paradise on earth. This wonderful place holds an important number of gorgeous plants, gardens, cafes, restaurants and art galleries.

The gardens include thousands of rare species gathered by explorers from the entire globe and some of the world’s oldest and most original trees: Pagoda tree, Maidenhair tree, Black locust and Caucasian elm. The trees are named the Kew’s ‘Old Lions’. They have a special allure and dates to more than 250 years ago.

There are also eight astonishing glass houses designed to suit special plants surviving conditions. The hive located in Kew Gardens is a glowing construction made of thousands aluminum pieces and designed to respond to the activity of bees. Explainers will take you in a walk around this mind blowing building and discuss about bees life and the latest researches in this field.

Here you can learn useful information about different herbs usage and how to exploit their great benefits in medicine, fuel, building materials, fabrics, cosmetics…

Take part in several plant conservation, planting and identification courses with family and friends.Musical shows, outdoor superb concerts, fun picnics, amazing movie screening are also part of the exciting program.

The Royal Botanic Gardens Kew offers an unforgettable day of fun and enrichment.