The Royal Observatory Greenwich

The Royal Observatory Greenwich is one of the oldest research institutions that contributed strongly in the science development.

Royal Observatory Greenwich

Photo credit: Reading Tom/Flickr

Known as the prime meridian location, the Royal Observatory Greenwich is located close to the River Thames on a hill in Greenwich Park.

The observatory center watched the stars for years and studied their positions. It has also published significant articles about timesaving and astronomy themes.

The observatory is famous for giving an efficient method to measure time considering its zone an international standard for zone timing for decades.

Today’s building features interesting antic devices used once, telescopes, atomic clocks…It houses a number of spectacular clocks, some are the first electric clocks invented like “The Shepherd Gate clock”.

For a trip to the stars, visit the Planetarium and Astronomy center and enjoy traveling in space from your comfortable seat through fascinating science film screening. Enrich your astronomic knowledge with guided tours in the building while listening to the space latest discoveries and experiencing the instruments exhibited

In addition, the Royal Observatory Greenwich organizes annually family shows, photography galleries, planets virtual visits and sky watching activities.