Royal Opera House

The Royal Opera House is an opera house, ballet theatre and performing arts venue in the city center.

The Royal Opera House London

Opera performances presented by the world’s best artists attract visitors from the entire globe to visit the Royal Opera House. Not mentioning the pleasure of other delightful activities such as films, ballets and theatre scenes. The building itself is an incredible masterpiece with a greek design for entrance and a horseshoe-shaped auditorium.

The Royal Opera House is also known for having a modern venue with countless facilities. The Paul Hamlyn Hall within the opera house will captivate you. It’s a superb glass vaulted hall with charming restaurants in the balconies. Another part of the beautiful building is the Linbury studio theatre. It’s a first class stage planned to open in 2018. The theatre is a flexible modern venue for different dance shows, musical spectacles, comedy performances…

The backstage tours provide visitors with historical information about the opera house and take them in steps of preparations of the shows.

Fond of music will undoubtedly fall in love with this exceptional landmark.

The Royal Opera House