Royal Selangor visitor Centre

A contemporary building within a natural landscape, the Royal Selangor visitor Centre is a main attraction in KL welcoming hundreds of visitors daily.

Royal Selangor visitor Centre

Royal Selangor visitor Centre glass facade – Photo credit:

The Royal Selangor visitor Centre is the world’s largest pewter manufacturer located 8km from the city center.  The centre is perfect for all ages. It provides an insight about the brand history and involves visitors in pewter activities.

The glass facade building is well air conditioned and offers awesome views on the sublime garden. Guides are known to be very kind and friendly. They provide free tours in several language basically Malay, English and Japanese. The gallery displays the metalworking steps, the pewter scientific aspects as well as its important use and benefits. Th retail store presents a large number of lovely souvenirs made of pewter.

Guests are impressed by the smaller copy of Petronas Twin Towers of 9.1 metre height made from pewter tankard and  the largest tankard in 1987. The main attraction remains the “School of hard knocks”. At this workshop, you can achieve your first product of pewter, grave your name on it and take it as a souvenir.

The Chamber of Chimed is the most preferred part of the tour. It’s where you can learn the difference between the sound of cast pewter and other metals. You shouldn’t also miss the cozy restaurant with a view on the garden and its tasty typical dishes.

What makes the Royal Selangor visitor centre a great learning experience is the interactivity with exhibits and hands-on approach.