Sagrada Familia Church

Church Sagrada Familia is one of the most inspiring and overwhelming historical sites in the world.

Sagrada Familia

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The construction of Sagrada Familia started from 1882 and continues to today. The stunning church was planned to be an artistic place reflecting religious believes of Christianity. The project started under Gaudi’s direction until his death in 1926. The great architect achieved a one of its kind buildings known for a mixture of styles between Gothic and Byzantine architecture.

La Sagrada Familia has three impressive facades each one depicting events of Christ’s existence: His passion, death and resurrection. The genius construction aims that the sunlight focus each time on one facade. Through stained glass and tiles, the daylight radiates magically inside the building.

There are 18 towers each one symbolizing an aspect of Christianity. The central one is dedicated to Jesus Christ, the one topped with a star is for Virgin Mary while the 12 lasting towers feature the 12 Apostles. Once the 18 towers completed, they will emphasize the verticality of the church as meaning of its elevation towards God. The branching columns focus on the idea of Gaudi to have the interior of church similar to a wood.

Visitors can see the crypt where was buried greatest architect of Spain and take the elevator to a top of a tower from where they win awesome views over Barcelona.