Salzburg Museum

Salzburg Museum is a museum of art and cultural history in Salzburg located in the Neuen Residenz.

Salzburg museum

A Baroque fountain and Salzburg museum and in the Residenzplatz. CC: Sarah Marchant @123rf

Salzburg Museum is the best place to get informed about Salzburg artists and cultural history.

Part of the the baroque Neue Residenz palace, the Museum aims to represent the life of the main figures of the city. Musicians, Politicians, Archbishops, writers… Their contribution in the city development is featured with a wide range of documents and paintings.

Salzburg museum houses also a plethora of archeological and medieval objects such as the helmet from Pass Lueg, the Gothic winged altar and the Celtic jug added to interesting 20th and 21th century collections. Moreover, the museum shows a permanent collection of paintings of magnificent landscapes of Salzburg through the years.

A large category of the museum is dedicated to graphic and media art as an initiative to fusion old and new, historic and modern in one creative space.