Schonbrunn Palace

A visit to Vienna isn’t complete without seeing the great 18th century building, the Schonbrunn palace.

Schonbrunn Palace Vienna

Igor Dmitriev @123rf

Schonbrunn palace is a one of its kind in Europe. It’s a complex formed of beautiful inseparable parts.

The orangery garden is very large and captivating. It holds botanical exhibitions in March. The palace zoo established in 1752 and known as the oldest zoo in the world. It’s the home of the first concepted baby panda. The children’s museum that features Vienna imperial history and the living conditions of children during the Austrian period.

Moreover, you have plenty of things to see in the Palace: Do a tour in the amazing Maria Theresia rooms dressed up with precious decorative art pieces. Take a look at the plushy private rooms of Imperial couple Franz Josef and Sissi. Or be amazed at The Parlour, where 6 years old Mozart played his first performance.

The most enormous part of the Schonbrunn Palace remains the colorful garden with its symmetrical flower lines arranged in French style. The large number of fountains surrounding the park and the labyrinth add a charming touch to the place.