Senckenberg Natural History Museum

The Senckenberg Museum is the second largest museum of natural history in Germany. It exhibits the evolution of creations and the change of the the earth over millions of years.


The Naturmuseum Senckenberg in Frankfurt Am Main focuses on the biodiversity of life and the scientific discovery in different areas. You can easily recognise the museum by its beautiful architecture and the dinosaur model in front of the building.

The museum offers to its visitors a great collection of thousands of precious pieces related to nature and biology. You’ll explore dinosaurs lifecycle, different animals evolution, the evolution of organisms and scientific facts about change in the atmosphere and the planet earth. There is also a new section for the latest scientific discoveries and findings.

The Senckenberg contains the largest collection of stuffed birds in the world and the largest exhibition of dinosaurs in Europe. That’s why it’s popular with kids, who enjoy discovering those magnificent creations.

Other impressive attractions are the original Triceratops skulls, an original of an Iguanodon, Tyrannosaurus rex and the museum’s mascot.

There are also special English language guided tours.