Sorolla museum

Sorolla museum is a great place to take an idea about the international painter life and his prodigue works.

Sorolla museum

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The Valencian artist is well known for naturalism and impressionism art. He had a successful career and won through his lifetime numerous awards.

The museum was created in 1910 after his widow Clotilde García del Castillo wish to immoralize his work. The location of the museum was his family house. The gallery doesn’t only boast a permanent collection of must see works but also antique photographs, sculptures, jewellery and important letters of admiration he received from celebrities and fans.

The work of his son Joaquín Sorolla García, is not less impressive. When contemplating, the fabulous works, you can notice that his masterpieces focus on the movement in outdoor places and the factor of light. The talent of Sorolla is shown through his lovely paintings of the Mediterranean sea, children and woman. His last unfinished work The Canvas remains in its place next to the brushes.