St. Michael’s Church Hamburg

The St. Michaelis Church is a major landmark in Hamburg. It’s one of the largest five churches of the city and is considered as the most famous one.


The St. Michaelis church, or as called the “Michel”, has a beautiful baroque style. From miles away, you can distinguish the church by its 132-meter-high clock tower covered with copper.

Besides the impressive architecture and large clock, the interior of the church is splendid:  Pulpit made from superior marble, baptismal made from white marble, fancy 20 meters tall alter, three music organs …

The St Michaelis church is the third church built on the site. The original one was destroyed by a lightning strike and it has been replicated in 9 cities in the world. The second was destroyed in a fire during the construction work. Finally, the church was constructed in 1912 with ongoing renovations.

Visitors can have access to the tower’s platform (at 106 meter-high) and enjoy a sublime 360° views of the city and the port. It’s the best panoramic view of the city. It’s more pleasant to see the views from the tower by night, with all the lights and colors.

You can use the lift as well as stairs to reach the viewing platform of the tower.