St Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul's' Cathedral is a seventh century magnificent landmark, known as the the set of the Bishop of London.

St Paul's' Cathedral

Located in central London on Ludgate Hill, St Paul’s Cathedral is one of the most visited spots.

This stunning place spans decades of history. Initially, St Paul’s cathedral was a church built on a hill for Mellitus, Bishop of the East Saxons. After the great fire of London in 1666, it was rebuilt by the famous architect Christopher Wren. It dominated gracefully the sky of the city for decades. The charming cathedral assisted numerous memorable events such as Winston Churchill and Admiral Nelson funerals.

This special landmark is very alive through the year. It organizes musical recitations, Baptism, beautiful weddings. Actually, it’s where Princess Diana chose to celebrate her union to Prince Charles.

St Paul’s Cathedral hosts precious art pieces: Unique sculptures, wonderful photographs, priceless paintings of greatest Yoko Ono, Bill Viola and Rebecca Horn. Added to historical crosses and especially the interesting questions of Martin Firrell about life and faith.