The Palm Garden (Palmengarten)

Expanded over 22 hectares of land, the Palm Garden is the largest botanical garden in Germany.

The Palm Garden is a botanical garden opened in 1871 at the centre of Frankfurt. It includes between its pathways, 6,000 different botanical species from all over the world. It’s a gorgeous oasis to chill, relax and admire the charming landscapes in the heart of Frankfurt.

The garden offers multiple thematic gardens, varieties of plants, shrubs and admirable greenhouses.

The garden houses a tropicarium, it’s where many tropical plants are gathered from deserts and jungles. There is also a colorful underpass aquaria, a huge flower house and a cool Sub-Antarctic House.

Flower shows, plants exhibitions, information sessions and the children playgrounds, make the garden more appealing.

The Palm Garden hosts annually its greatest festival and the great rose exhibition.

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