The Planten un Blomen Park

The Planten un Blomen Park, in English “the park of Plants and Flowers", is a wonderful natural green gem located in the heart of Hamburg.


The Planten un Blomen Park is an ideal destination to get away from the busy city and relax in a large green space. The park is perfect for recreation, reading, playing with kids and picnics.

This piece of heaven in central Hamburg is expended over an area of 47 hectares where several types of beautiful trees, plants, and flowers are surrounding you.

It houses the Old Botanic Garden, the Kleine, a Japanese garden and Grosse Wallanlagen. The Japanese Garden is the largest in Europe: It’s where several tea ceremonies are celebrated and Japanese taiko drum and calligraphy workshops are held.

The rose garden is very romantic and enchanting with more than 300 varieties of roses and the botanical garden houses the tropical greenhouses complex where you can find countless species of plants.

Throughout the summer months, you can enjoy free water-light concerts each day at 10 pm. It’s a 30 minutes musical fountains show that turn the park into a colorful and vibrant venue. There are also theater performances, musicals, and festivals taking place during summer.

The park is a great family attraction. There are many playgrounds, roller rinks, skating rinks and barbecue areas. You can drink tea in the Japanese garden, ride a pony or a bike, attend a free circus or participate in a kids workshop.