Torre Agbar

Torre Agbar is a skycarper dominating the skyline of Barcelona, famous for his outstanding architecture and spectacle of lights.

Torre Agbar

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Torre Agbar was built in Placa de les Glories catalanes to house Aguas De Barcelona, the municipal water company which explains its appearance. The tower is a design of French architect Jean Nouvel in cooperation with company b720. It reaches 142m-high and depicts a water fountain displaying various colors depending on the light incidence. It shows two oval cylinders with on top a glass and steel dome.

The facade is covered with aluminum panels and glass louverçs varying between 25 colors. All in All, the building seems like a massive geyser coming out from the ground. The unicity of the Torre Agbar makes it an identifying landmark for an international city.

At night, the facade of the tower sparkles with 4500 lights shining like a star in Barcelona sky. The 34-storey building is occupied by offices and equipment of the company. Torre Agbar has a bioclimatic architecture using the environment energy with 4500 window for ventilation and employing solar energy. The interior is vast and shows an open-plan design. The smashing Tower Agbar is world renowned for its conceptual architecture. It was awarded by 2006 Excellence award by Urban Land Institute ULI ass well as highrise award 2006. From the observation deck, visitors enjoy a unique view over Barcelona.