Vienna Natural History Museum

Vienna Natural history museum is a large museum of natural History Founded 250 years ago. It’s a marvelous building located at Vienna Ringstrasse.

Vienna Natural History Museum

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Vienna Natural history museum comprises large precious collections of natural science divided into diverse themes. The captivating architecture of the museum makes it one of most beautiful Vienna landmarks.

The museum is perfect to learn everything about prehistoric life on earth. You will get the chance to discover precious stones, see a new kind of life under the microscope, deepen your knowledge of minerals and all bases of natural researches.

The monument is mainly famous for the Venus of Willendorf, a 29,500 years old statuette of a female figure. It houses also the giant dinosaurs skeletons, the famous Steller’s sea cow extinct from centuries, a stunning collection of precious stones and a large number of Maria Theresa jewels decorated with its personal touch.

Vienna Natural history museum includes all themes of natural sciences. It even contains “Tissint” a meteorite from Mars and it’s equipped with the latest virtual technologies to take visitors in a trip to the edge of space.

The huge library provides detailed information about thousands of species life. At the end of your tour, you can benefit of a amazing view of the city from the museum rooftop.