Vienna St Peter’s church (Peterskirche)

Vienna St Peter’s church is a Baroque Roman Catholic church in Vienna. It’s the oldest Christian sacred site and the most opulently decorated Baroque church in Vienna.

Vienna St Peter's Church

Seek peace and intimacy at Vienna St Peter’s church, the most beautiful historic church of the city.

The church is a result of the great work of the architects Gabriele Montani and Hildebrandt, designers of the famous Belvedere palace. The construction started in 1701 and continued in 1732 to give a fabulous monument standing today at the heart of the historical Vienna.

The St Peter’s church is mostly recognized by its domes decorated by original frescoes. Sublime stoneworks and paintings are displayed on every corner of the building. From the opened tower and the central dome, lights enter the graceful church and give it a spiritual charm.

All the year, Vienna St Peter’s church organizes a plethora of classical concerts and opera performances.