Vienna State Opera House

The Vienna State Opera is a stately opera house in Vienna founded in the mid-19th century. It’s granted with a superb architecture and elegant interior design.

Vienna State Opera House

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Whatever you are visiting the prestigious Vienna State Opera for a day tour or a night performance, you will live memorable moments.

The Opera house architecture is inspired from the Italian Renaissance. It was opened for the first time at 1869 with one of Mozart great symphonies. The outstanding Opera house continued to perform high quality shows over years directed by the best musicians: Richard Strauss, Gustav Mahler, Lorin Maazel and more…

The famous landmark boasts many cultural activities: Opera performance, ballet shows, concerts, classic music, theatre plays. The operetta is a special performance on the New Year’s Eve. It’s broadcasted on a large number of international TVs.

The ballet hall is another not to miss event. It takes place on the Thursday night before the religious holiday Ash wednesday. Visitors come to enjoy a spellbinding night, watch the impressive Harmonic dances and decorate balconies with flowers to praise dancers.

Note that if you’re planning to attend this show, you should buy your ticket in advance. Man should wear a tailcoat and women a dress.

Opening hours:

  • Vienna State Opera tours are at set times only. Call +43-1-51444–2606 to find out more or visit their website.
  • You can visit State Opera House Museum from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10am to 6pm.

Ticket prices:

  • The museum tickets are €3 for adults, €2 for children and students while €2.50 for seniors and groups.
  • Opera tours with admission to the museum are €6.50 for adults, €5.50 for seniors and €3.50 for children and students. 
  • On Mondays you can just do a tour the opera (without the museum) at €5 for adults, €4 for seniors and €2 for children/students.