Wimbledon 2016

Wimbledon championship is one of the most well known Grand Slam Tournaments in the world. Since 1877, it has been attracting millions of followers each championship.

The Wimbledon is one of the oldest tennis tournaments. It’s the only major grand slam held on grass till now.

The Wimbledon Tennis championship is considered as the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world. Many members of the royal family attend this event, and all the major tennis players worldwide are competing for the championship. There are also some major traditions that are still applied like the dress code for competitors, fans eating the famous English dessert made of strawberries and cream, and the attendance of many celebrities as well.

There are five different categories:

  • Single Men
  • Single Women
  • Double Men
  • Double Women
  • Mixed Double

For Both Single Men and Women:

  • 1st Round: 128 single players
  • 2nd Round: 64 single players
  • 3rd Round: 32 single players
  • 4th Round: 16 single players
  • The Quarter Finals: 8 single players
  • The Semi Finals: 4 single players
  • And the Finals: 2 single players

In Single tournaments, there are in total 256 players (128 men and 128 women).

In Double tournaments, there are 64 men’s teams (128 player), 64 women’s teams (128 player), and 48 mixed team (96 player).

You may notice that in total, there are 608 single players participating in the tournament, however, there are more. Wimbledon includes also tournaments for Juniors, Seniors, and wheelchair participants making the number of total players being around 1000.

Last year’s winners were:

  • Single Men: Novak Djokovic
  • Single Women: Serena Williams
  • Double Men: Jean-Julien Rojer and Horia Tecău
  • Double Women: Martina Hingis and Sania Mirza
  • Mixed Double: Leander Paes and Martina Hingis


There are 4 ways to attend the games:

  • The ballot: In order to enter the ballot for Wimbledon tickets, you need to send a letter to AELTC, PO BOX 98, London, SW19 5AE requesting for an application form. After you receive the form you need to fill it in and then send it to AELTC, PO BOX 67611, London, SW19 9DT. (Unfortunately, this way isn’t applicable anymore for this year’s event as the ballot closed on 31 December 2015)
  • Ticketmaster: You need to sign up in the Wimbledon newsletter and you’ll be noticed about tickets put on sale a day before each game.
  • Queuing: Another option is queuing the day of the game in order to buy a ticket. Note that for the last four games there is no queuing as all the tickets are always already sold out.
  • Hospitality Packages: These packages are very expensive, and the cost of one day is like buying more than 20 tickets.

For more details about tickets, check the official website.

You may also watch the game on one of the big screens put in London streets for public who couldn’t get tickets.