Wimbledon London

Wimbledon is one of London’s most preferred districts including amazing villages, parks, shops and buildings.

Wimbledon London

Wimbledon is mostly known for being a venue for exciting sport events. It’s the home of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships and the world’s top sport events. There are also different sport facilities, sport clubs and stores.

This lovely part of London offers a wide range of exciting things to do: Relaxing, shopping, eating, participating in events.

Polka theatre is a wonderful kid land where children take part in amusing plays. The New Theatre has a varied and interesting program. Art galleries emphasize the area charm, the most popular is David Curzon art gallery.

To relax take a walk or enjoy a family picnic in the green Wimbledon common park.

For a cultural tour, visit the Buddhapadipa Temple, discover the district’s history at the Museum of Local History or the windmills history at Wimbledon Windmill.

the area has beautifully looking houses. You will feel like in the countryside, in a magical peaceful village. There are also boutiques of known brands and sumptuous restaurants serving the finest meals from suchi to chocolate delicates.